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  • SAXONIA Galvanik is one of the leading international providers of metal-coated plastics with around 30 million galvanised polyamide parts and around 60 million single and multi-component parts each... Supplier of: surface finishing | surface finishing, galvanic | surface treatment | surface coating | Chrome plating [+] Nickel plating | polyamides | galvanising of plastics | plastics manufacturing | metal chromium-plating | plastics electroplating | plating shop | painting of plastics | free from chromium(vi) | silver-coating
    GERMANY - Halsbrücke
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  • As a manufacturer of custom-produced plating and industrial plants, we have focused on individual planning and manufacturing tailored to customer and process specifications since the company was... Supplier of: surface engineering | Surface treatment - machinery and equipment | Electroplating - machines | surface treatment systems | automatisation of special machines [+] galvanising systems | plastics manufacturing | manufacture of printed circuits | waste water treatment plants | equipment and containers made from plastic | bronzing systems | anodising plants | plastic electroplating containers | plastic collection trays | specialised mechanical engineering
    GERMANY - Allersberg
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  • ...chromium plating of moulds, hard chromium plating of drawing punches, hard chromium plating of draw dies in forming technology, finish polishing, super-finish polishing, high-gloss mirror finish polishing Supplier of: surface finishing | mechanical machining of metallic surfaces | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Polishing - steels and metals | Nickel plating [+] Chrome plating | sandblasting of metals | polishing | polished chrome plating | hard chrome plating of hydraulic cylinders | hard chrome plating of calender rolls | hard chrome plating of crankshafts | hard chrome plating of drawing punches | metal chromium-plating | metal nickel plating
    GERMANY - Düsseldorf
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  • Manufactures cold-rolled strip steel in all conventional qualities of steel, stainless precision strip steel in martensitic, austenitic and ferritic grades, cold-rolled profiles, flat wire and... Supplier of: Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Steels and metals - machining | cold-rolled steel strips | steel tape
    GERMANY - Hagen
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  • ...automation and automated gates, Surface Finishing, We also advise on various security concerns for homes and offices. HVAC Air-conditioning Data cabling / Networking Energy Saving Systems, UPS, Inverters,... Supplier of: surface finishing | Security - Services | automated door and window systems | cctv cameras | tracking systems
    GHANA - Airport City-Accra
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  • Sustainable products – naturally for wood. We are forward thinkers who develop products that are of the highest quality and as environmentally friendly as possible. We have a complete range of... Supplier of: Paints and varnishes | Oils, industrial | Shellac | natural colours | stain removal [+] oil | floor care products | antique wax | beeswax balsam | beeswax | paints, biological | wood glazes | wood oil | wood wax | transparent colours
    GERMANY - Kipfenberg
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  • As one of Germany's leading material dealers, Klöckner & Co Deutschland GmbH supplies a wide range of steel and metal products nationwide, as well as offering fast delivery and tailored services. We... Supplier of: Steel | metals | sheet metal | pipe | profiles [+] bright steel | aluminium | aluminium sheets | aluminium profiles | aluminium pipes | stainless steel sheets | stainless-steel pipes | rod steel | flat products | long products
    GERMANY - Duisburg
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  • 3ERP (3E Rapid Prototyping) is one of the most reliable providers of rapid prototyping services and low-volume manufacturing services. A Chinese company with Western roots, 3ERP offers one-stop... Supplier of: Prototypes, industrial | precision machining | rapid prototyping | rapid prototyping services | cnc machining [+] cnc machining services | cnc milling services | rapid tooling | injection molding | sheet metal services | sheet metal fabrication | die casting | aluminum die casting | aluminum extrusions
    CHINA - Guangdong Province,
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  • Artistic fusion in bronze and precious alloys with neat surface finishing. Supplier of: Casting, steel | Steel, tool | Casting of special and high-grade steels | metal casting | precision casting [+] ceramic shell moulds | lost wax casting | precision casting | precision lost-wax casting | copper alloys | stainless steel casting | artistic bronze casting | steel investment casting | ceramic forming
    ITALY - Leini
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  • Whenever you are in need of surface finishing solutions – Löser is the efficient partner you are looking for to solve your grinding problems. Supplier of: finishing tools | Adjustment - machine tools | Polishing - machine tools | manual grinders | drilling machines [+] belt sanders | cylindrical grinding machines, centreless | belt sanders for metals | brushing/deburring machines | portable pneumatic grinding machines | flat grinding machines | surface belt grinding machines | combined grinding machines | polishing machines for metal tubes | pipe belt grinding machines
    GERMANY - Speyer
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  • combination with glass, ceramics and plastic, all with perfect surface finish to your series requirements, reliable and on-time delivery, fast turnaround and "just in time" in absolute perfection. Supplier of: Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Boilermaking, heavy | Caps, metal | Folding - steels and metals | Milling - steels and metals [+] Towers, metal | Drill bits and countersinks | Reprographics - machinery and equipment | Shearing - steels and metals | Bending - steels and metals | cnc milling | cnc punched parts | sheet metalwork | machining of metals | stamping parts
    GERMANY - Rahden
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  • ...treatment products and surface finishing for metals and plastics, project planning services and small cleaning plant construction for wire cleaning at intermediate and final stages have been part of this... Supplier of: surface finishing, galvanic | Strippers and abrasives, chemical | Electrolysis - surface treatment | inorganic acids | surface coating - steels and metals [+] industrial chemical products | chemical degreasers | lye | cleaning systems for wires and cables | strip finishing systems | chemicals for metal finishing | chemicals for surface cleaning | degreasing products for metals | development of specialist chemical products | development of specialist technical solutions
    GERMANY - Altenberg
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  • laser treatment or surface finishing. Aside from the advantage of being able to produce detailed off-tool parts, MIM components can also be easily processed or finished using other... Supplier of: surface finishing, galvanic | Sintering - steels and metals | 3d printing | additive manufacturing | assemblies for vehicle construction [+] laser machining | micro injection moulded parts made from metal | mim products for medical technology | mass-produced precision parts | metal precision parts | precision parts for mechanical engineering | precision parts for medical technology | precision parts using mim technology | powder-metallurgic (pm) products | powder-metallurgic (pm) injection moulding
    GERMANY - Ispringen
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  • ...for functionalisation, finishing, surface treatment and product optimisation are used all around the world by prominent customers in the foil, textile, non-woven fabrics, tissue, paper,... Supplier of: Finishing of surfaces - machinery | surface finishing with silicone | surface treatment | Textiles - Machines & Equipment | Scouring - steels and materials [+] Cleaning - steel and metals | Surface treatment - machinery and equipment | pulverisers | contracted sand blasting | thermal processing | contract cnc manufacturing and machining | spreading machines | spray techniques | surface treatment systems | machines for treating wood surfaces
    GERMANY - Leinfelden-Echterdingen
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  • ...plastic caps, sleeves and covers) to protect your parts during transport, surface treatment and finish (handles, nozzles …) and wiring management (cable glands, grommets, covers, clips and rivets…). Supplier of: Stoppers and caps, plastic | plastic hose clamps | cable conduits made of plastic | plastic washers | smooth plug for threading [+] screw plugs | tab stop | stopping plug | wing-tip stop | lubricating protective stop | plastic cover | guard for tube | conic modelling cap | flexible pvc cap | protective cap
    FRANCE - Gémenos
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  • When manufacturing and distributing our products all over the world, we have to live up to our claim of being a leading innovator in wire surface finishing, including the use of special materials. Supplier of: Copper wires and cables | bronze wire | wire | brass wires | galvanised grates [+] flux cored wire | drinking water filters | metal cables | nickel and alloys | panel wire | copper wire | tinning of metals | aluminium wire | metal cored wire | copper plates
    GERMANY - Iserlohn
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  • Located in Monsano, Procicchiani Group is the trusted reference in the field of industrial electrostatic spray and liquid surface finishes. Supplier of: Varnishing - steels and metals | stainless steel sheet work | civil painting | silk-screen applications | silkscreening metals [+] powder painting | polyester painting | painting on aluminium | tig welding | industrial spray varnishing | stainless steel laser cutting | special machining on demand | expanded polyurethane foam | industrial paint | cnc sheet metal bending


    ITALY - Monsano
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  • ...- SURFACES: Burnishing, grinding, finishing. Machining range: - Large spindles whirled up to a diameter of 130 mm diameter and length of 6000 mm - Series-produced spindles rolled up to a diameter of 36 mm and... Supplier of: Turning - steels and metals | Screw cutting - steels and metals | Tapping - steels and metals | precision turning | cnc turned parts [+] threaded bars | tap spindle | trapezoidal thread spindles | threaded spindles for adjustment technology | spindles for fittings | spindles with trapezoidal thread | trapezoidal threaded nuts | threaded bushes | metal turning on multi-axis cnc machines | metal milling on four-axis cnc machining centres
    GERMANY - Bad Oeynhausen
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  • ...the product design stage of aluminium extrusion products and we provide customized solutions for extrusion, surface finishing, CNC-machining, assembly and prompt and safe delivery of their products. Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | Extrusion - steel and metals | Steels and metals - machining | aluminium profiles | machining of parts [+] machining to customers' drawings | aluminium profile extrusion | construction of extrusion moulds | extruded aluminium | extruded profiles | custom-cut | custom aluminium profiles | aluminium - special profiles | special profiles made of aluminium | precision profiles
    GREECE - Chalkida
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  • ...stainless steel and aluminium surface finishing as well as synthetics injection moulding. Besides this, a dedicated department is committed to developing new surface technologies as well as new production... Supplier of: mechanical and galvanic surface finishing | Electroplating - machines | zippers | 3d laser processing | anodisation [+] plastic injection moulded parts | injection-moulded plastic parts | powder coating | fans | adhesive technology systems | hard anodising (service) | bonding techniques, industrial | original equipment manufacturer | aluminium surface treatment | stainless steel surface treatment
    GERMANY - Wasserburg
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  • ...HATTLER, is first and foremost in the business of finishing metal surfaces. Surfaces are our great passion. That's why we're pleased to continue receiving exciting surface work going forward as well. Supplier of: metal surface finishes and treatments | finishing work | surface engineering | Galvanization - steels and metals | Steels and metals - machining [+] chromium plating | tinning | galvanisation | chemical nickel plating | metal processing | advice on surface treatments | silver plating | chrome-free surface coating | chrome-plating (service) | plating metals
    GERMANY - VS-Schwenningen
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  • Surface finish: Normal bright annealed, custom roughened or polished as well as crack-free and non-porous, level-wound coils, stretched ultra-flat and/or degreased. Supplier of: surface treatment | surface-treated steel strips | surface-treated steel strips | steel and metal surface treatment | Steels and metals - forming and cutting [+] Steel sheets and strips | Cold rolled steel strips | Steels and metals - machining | Industrial building construction | steel strips | stainless steel strip | metal - forming and cutting | steel processing | steel structural work | structural metalwork
    GERMANY - Bad Salzungen
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  • Homberg steel manhole covers are made from high-quality sheet steel, stainless steel or aluminium in different thicknesses and with varied surface finishes. Supplier of: Steel | accessories for welding | waterproofing industrial roofs | aluminium components | cap [+] roofing materials | overblankets | roofing for industrial buildings | steel plates | aluminium roofs | stainless steel sheets | welding gases | recessed manholes | recessed steel manholes, accessible on foot | recessed steel manholes, accessible by vehicle
    GERMANY - Gevelsberg
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  • We act as a supplier of solder and high grade anodes made of a variety of alloys for the electronics and surface finishing industries. Supplier of: Storage and collection of waste - equipment | Metals - recovery and recycling | waste recycling | supplies for the electronics industry | anodes [+] cathodic protection electronic anode | zinc anodes | titanium anodes | solder bath analyses | solder for electronic applications | soldering tin | solder | lead-free solder | solder for lead-free hot air solder levelling (hasl) | recycling of tin
    GERMANY - Essen
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  • ...require deburring, cleaning, grinding, matting, pre-polishing or mirror finishing, whether for products with unusual dimensions or complex shapes – our tools create the required surface quality, finish and appearance. Supplier of: Abrasive discs | felts for technical applications | adhesive flap | abrasive fleece | brush rollers [+] deburring brushes | felt tapes | contact discs for belt sanders | polishing rings | abrasive mops | grinding and polishing brushes | round wire brushes | matt finish grinding wheels | sanding stars | grinding and polishing felts
    GERMANY - Göppingen
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  • During coating, the aluminium surface is optically finished and further processed until it becomes as hard as steel in some cases. Supplier of: Anti-corrosion products, chemical | Anti-corrosion coatings | Aluminium coatings | metal anodizing | anti-corrosion [+] anti-corrosive treatment | metal working | pickling | surface treatment of metals | consultants on surface treatment of metals | metal treatment | colour anodising | contracted sand blasting | anti-wear | hard anodising (service)
    GERMANY - Greifenstein
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  • ...and electrochemical finishing of metal surfaces. Headquartered in Volketswil, Switzerland, the company develops and distributes high-grade electrolyte processes and chemical solutions for the contact-free removal of burrs, flash and... Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | pickling of copper | chemical deburring | stainless steel etching products | electrochemical machining equipment, machining systems [+] electro-polishing of stainless steel | titanium anodising | pickling of aluminium | pickling of stainless steel | anodising of titanium (colour/grey) | titanium colouring | electro-polishing of nitinol | electro-polishing of chrome-cobalt alloys

    Brands : Titan anodisieren Typ II | Chemisches Entgraten und Polieren | Elektrolyte zum Elektropolieren | Elektrolyte zum Chemischen Engraten

    SWITZERLAND - Volketswil
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  • ...prototyping, hot printing and printing on plastics, as well as surface finishing with screen printing on plastic, varnishing, plating and chroming, as well as pad printing and ultrasound welding. Supplier of: Plastics moulding | Reinforced plastics - moulding | injection moulding | construction of moulds for plastic materials | pad printing [+] moulds | moulding rubber articles | technical item moulding | contract plastic moulding | automotive | lighting | electrical appliances | assemblies | thermoplastics
    ITALY - Albairate
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  • ...handles, as well as finishing parts for old cars and motorbikes. We also provide plating services in copper, chrome and nickel, as well as polishing steel, aluminium and brass and surface finishing. Supplier of: Nickel plating | metal nickel plating | brass burnishing | electroplating | polishing [+] chrome galvanising treatment | metal chromium-plating | metal polishing | aluminium scaffoldings | chrome plating for cars | decorative chrome plating | metal copper-plating | metal gilding | metal satin finishing
    ITALY - Zanica
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  • Their internal structure is made up of special panels, resistant to high temperatures, equipped with surface sheets for protection and finishing. Supplier of: Ship maintenance and repairs | ship and sailboat parts and components | ship maintenance | ship repairs | ship and naval supplies [+] insulated safety box for heat exchangers | safety housing for heat exchangers | insulated housing for heat exchangers
    ITALY - Verona
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    Article ID 1941000
    single acting plunger Ø 16 mm, stroke 8 mm max. load force 6.5 kN off-position retracted contact... See product
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    BS MULTI 450 / 750 Servo
    The most universal and most sold model by far for the mid capacity range to 10,500 cycles/h. ... See product
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    Product name: A6061 ANODIZED NATURAL COLOUR CNC PLATE Material: aluminum, steel, brass ,plastic,... See product
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    "The zinc-nickel process has developed in recent years into a process providing one of the most... See product
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    integrated QM-system clean parts 100 % visual verification See product
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