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  • Mappy Italia is a leading company in the acoustic and thermal insulation sector with over 40 years' experience. The company produces and markets sound insulating materials used from the outset of... Supplier of: adhesive tape | Rubber seals | Sound insulation materials | industrial gaskets | phono impedance [+] plastic materials | civil and industrial soundproofing | noise | panels for heat and sound insulation | thermo-acoustic insulation | industrial sound insulation | noise insulation | rubber foam and synthetic foams | rubber and plastic transformation | soundproofing
    ITALY - Cesate
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  • We manufacture embossing tools for the graphics industry and the plastics industry. Our tools can be used to refine plastic and paper surfaces to the highest standards in quality and functionality.... Supplier of: adhesive tapes | Stamps and seals | relief printing stamp | metal stamps | blind embossing stamps [+] brass dies | silicone stamps | silicone sheeting | embossing plates | stamping presses | rotary hot embossing tools | film hot embossing | blankets for offset printing | hot embossing systems | embossed foil printing
    GERMANY - Göppingen
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  • ...of one-sided and double-sided adhesive tape, as well as heat-activated, solvent-free adhesion systems. At its production site in Thüringen (Mihla), ATP uses state-of-the-art coating and converting systems to produce... Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | industrial adhesive tapes | adhesive tapes, double-sided, for industrial production | adhesive tapes for the building trade | adhesive tapes for surface protection [+] adhesive tapes, technical | medical adhesive tapes | self-adhesive tapes for the electrical industry | highly transparent double-sided adhesive tapes | labels | self-adhesive films | laminating films | self-adhesive films (double-sided) | screen printing films | special labels
    GERMANY - Wuppertal
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  • Solutions for trade, construction and industry. Plastoform GmbH specialises in Europe-wide sales of structural accessories and click tile systems in various areas. Peter Halm founded Plastoform GmbH... Supplier of: adhesive tapes | Roofing materials | garden accessories | building chemicals | screws [+] gloves | carpenter products | paint equipment | plasterer products | stuccoer products | tradesman products | florco | performance floor | plastic floor panels | click tiles
    GERMANY - Waldachtal
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  • Our top priority when developing our products is designing and orienting them for the market and for your individual requirements. Using state-of-the-art systems, we develop and produce solutions for... Supplier of: adhesive tapes | Hook-and-loop fasteners | plastic hook and loop fasteners | self-closing hook and loop systems | micro-sealing tape
    GERMANY - Selb
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  • PTFE glass fabric films, PTFE virgin films and PTFE semi-finished parts form the core of our range and are produced and processed in different shapes and versions in our company. In addition, we... Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | adhesive tape made from polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) | adhesive tape made from ptfe-coated glass-fibre fabrics | polyimide adhesive tapes | polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) films [+] polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) moulded parts | polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) semi-finished parts | baking foils | flat gasket tape made of ptfe | conveyor belts made from polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) | fabrics, high-tech, heat-resistant | thread seal tape made from polytetrafluorethylene (ptfe) | polytetrafluorethylene (ptfe) coated fabrics | polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) products | polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) finished parts
    GERMANY - Konstanz
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  • Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | Bandages and dressings | Bands, woven - industrial | insulating tape | stretch bandages
    GERMANY - Witten
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  • Since 1958, we have been quickly, competently and flexibly delivering bands, ribbons and bindings from our warehouse – in over 25 materials and more than 1000 colours. We can offer custom cuts using... Supplier of: adhesive tapes | binding tapes | Ribbons and ropes | cotton tapes | satin ribbons [+] bias binding | rolls of fabric | ribbons made of artificial fibres | bands made of polyester | ribbons for the garment industry | ribbons, printed | ribbons, industrial | faux leather binding tape | velvet ribbons | textile printing, digital
    GERMANY - Steinfurt
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  • The name "tesa" stands for much more than just tesa adhesive tape. Our experienced specialist staff will be happy to help you select the right adhesive tape for your application. Supplier of: adhesive tapes | adhesive tape for floor marking | dispenser for adhesive tape for packaging | adhesive tapes for packaging | adhesive tapes for painting and decorating work [+] adhesives | insulating tape | Safety in the workplace | safety articles | cap | industry cleaner | industrial technology | safety clothing (work clothing) | labelling ribbons | two-component and multi-component adhesives
    GERMANY - Kempen
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  • Our products include single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes for technology. Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | single-sided adhesive tapes | industrial adhesive tapes | adhesive tapes, technical | transfer adhesive tapes [+] adhesive tapes, heat-resistant | foam adhesive tapes | adhesive tapes, double-sided, for industrial production | self-adhesive fabric tapes | self-adhesive tapes for the electrical industry | adhesive tapes, flame-retarding | double-sided adhesives | aluminium adhesive ribbons | electrical insulation tapes | stampings
    GERMANY - Krefeld
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  • STEIERFORM includes blanks, technical labels and rolled goods from a comprehensive adhesive tape range. Supplier of: adhesive tapes | special adhesive tapes for industry | expanded rubber adhesive tape | Folders - office equipment | Staplers, office [+] manufacturer of transparent plastic pouches | plastic envelopes | office file cabinets | paper staplers | ring binders | self-adhesive labels | roll dispenser | labels | tamper-indicating security labels | printed stickers
    GERMANY - Elmshorn
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  • Stamping and cutting company for packing precision-stamped parts made by all the top manufacturers using single- and double-sided tapes. Packaging tailor-made to the materials we supply, including... Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | adhesive tapes | self-adhesive fabric tapes | transparent and colour adhesive tapes | adhesive masking tapes [+] self-adhesive silicon tapes | adhesive tape for installation protection | kapton® tapes | adhesive dots | Bands, woven - industrial | third-party packaging | double-sided adhesives | self-adhesive materials | die-cut articles | cnc punching
    GERMANY - Sinsheim
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  • ...produces an extensive range of technical special adhesive tapes for professional markets. Thanks to intensive collaboration and tests with users in many industries and countries, Advance is able to offer adhesive tapes that are specifically designed for your... Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | adhesive tapes | adhesive tapes | dielectric adhesive tapes | adhesive masking tapes [+] self-adhesive polyvinyl chloride (pvc) tapes | self-adhesive polypropylene tapes | adhesive tape for silage films | adhesive tape for floor marking | adhesive tape for the entertainment industry | self-adhesive fabric tapes | adhesive tapes, heat-resistant | adhesive tapes for packaging | adhesive tape, double-sided, for industrial production | adhesive assembly tapes
    GERMANY - Leutenbach
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  • ...and non-adhesive tiles, sheets, foils, tapes, rolls, profiles, cut-outs, stamped parts and parts moulded from foam material, in particular polyethylene foam, polyvinyl chloride foam, polyurethane foam, foam... Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | adhesive and biadhesive tapes for cars | two-sided adhesive transfer tapes | technical industrial adhesive tapes | self-adhesive joint sealing tapes [+] Building glues | adhesive films for protecting package surfaces | self-adhesive materials | glue | self-adhesive films | self-adhesive profiles | industrial glues | double-sided adhesives | self-adhesive separators | separators
    GERMANY - Remagen
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  • Bickers – For many years our name has stood for innovative products, universal solutions and complete solutions in the adhesives and sealants segment. Supplier of: adhesive tapes | industrial adhesive tapes | chemical adhesives | adhesive applicators | adhesive dots [+] adhesives and sealants | Glues, adhesives and applicators | gluing tables, automatic | hot-melt adhesive | coupling machines | hot melt application systems | hot melt adhesive applicators | glue sticks for hot glue guns | stair matt presses | micro dosing systems
    GERMANY - Essen
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  • ...carry high quality tapes, that come as adhesive products for masking geared to the do-it-yourself, building and bodywork sectors and also for packaging, with the possibility of ordering plain or... Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | adhesive tape | adhesive recyclable paper tape | self-adhesive paper tapes | neutral adhesive tape [+] reinforced adhesive tape | personalised adhesive tape | smooth paper adhesive tapes | packing tapes and films | contract packaging | heat-proof masking tape | protective tapes

    Brands : E MASK | EMASK

    ITALY - Vedano Olona
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  • VITAL PARTS are Plastic, Rubber & Metal Component manufacturers and the cheapest providers of Silicone Products in the UK. At VITAL PARTS we supply a huge range of essential Plastic, Rubber & Metal... Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Extrusion of rubber and plastic | furniture components | industrial components | tube components [+] component manufacturing | custom moulding | plastic parts and components
    UNITED KINGDOM - Maidstone
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  • Packaging machinery manufacturing industry. Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | neutral and personalised adhesive tapes | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | Explosion-proof - equipment | Cardboard for the packaging industry [+] dampers for packing | earthing pins | taping machines for packing
    ITALY - Verdellino
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  • Leading supplier of technical adhesive tapes. Glass fabric tape with acrylic or silicone adhesive. Single-sided adhesive foams with various hardnesses. Transfer tapes (adhesive without backing). Masking... Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | two-sided adhesive transfer tapes | kapton adhesive tape | high temperature adhesive tape | rolls of fabric [+] double sided tape | aluminium tape | foam tape
    SPAIN - Madrid
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  • ...the most important manufacturers of self- adhesive tapes in Turkey. Combining technological knowledge with an experienced team, AVX has proven itself in manufacturing specialty self-adhesive tapes. Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | double sided acrylic adhesive tapes | double-sided tape | double-sided pe foam tapes | double sided opp film tapes [+] double sided pet film tapes | reinforced transfer tapes | scrim reinforced transfer tapes
    TURKEY - Istanbul
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  • Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | Printing and setting - machinery and equipment | Films and sheets, plastic | Films, plastic | Thermos packaging, plastic
    GERMANY - Metzingen
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  • Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | Crimping machines | Sealing and wrapping - machinery and equipment | Travelators | Films and sheets, plastic
    GERMANY - Augsburg
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  • Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | Glues, adhesives and applicators | Building glues | Glues, synthetic
    GERMANY - Kyritz
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  • Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | Films and sheets, plastic | Thermos packaging, plastic | Cardboard for the packaging industry | Cardboard, special and technical grades
    GERMANY - Düsseldorf
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  • Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | Crimping machines | Sealing and wrapping - machinery and equipment | Cardboard for the packaging industry | Cardboard, special and technical grades
    GERMANY - Meerbusch
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  • Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | Cocks and valves for petroleum and petrochemical industries | Tubes and pipes, rubber | Commercial and industrial linen | Masks, safety
    GERMANY - Ingolstadt
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  • Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive
    AUSTRIA - Althofen-Mölbling
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  • Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | Films, plastic | Cardboard for the furniture industry | Cardboard, special and technical grades | Corrugated cardboard
    GERMANY - Hildesheim
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  • Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | Raw materials for construction and public works | Marble and natural stones | Building glues | Tiles
    GERMANY - Henstedt-Ulzburg
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  • Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | Films and sheets, plastic | Plastics - packaging | Bags, plastic | Cardboard for the packaging industry
    GERMANY - Winterbach
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