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  • Founded in 1995 by fellow engineers Frank Grosch and Ralph Wolfrum, the company has come to focus on designing, building, fully installing and commissioning systems for flue gas purification and... Supplier of: waste air purification systems, self-cleaning | waste air purification systems, catalytic | waste air purification systems, thermal | waste air purification process | waste air purification systems, physical-chemical [+] Heat exchangers | hydrostatic dust precipitators | incinerator plant | air pollution control systems | flue gas purification installations | exhaust-gas extraction systems | exhaust-gas combustion systems | systems for selective catalytic reduction (scr) | gas purification systems, catalytic | gas scrubbers
    GERMANY - Mistelgau
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  • We have been an expert partner to our customers for more than 30 years – from the planning phase all the way through to commissioning and maintenance. Our trained service team will assume... Supplier of: Air purification - equipment and systems | waste air purification | waste air cleaning | biofilters for waste air purification | activated carbon filter [+] installation of air exhausting systems | biofilters | biofilter systems | gas scrubbers | wet collection | mulch | odour elimination systems
    GERMANY - Viernheim
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  • TREMA VERFAHRENSTECHNIK GMBH is headquartered in Kemnath, Germany. Our systems and devices, however, are at home in nearly all industrial sectors worldwide. We have successfully commissioned... Supplier of: Air purification - equipment and systems | waste air cleaning | hydrostatic dust precipitators | drop separators | cyclone separators [+] air pollution control systems | extraction systems for aggressive gases and vapours | extraction systems for smoke and gas | dust collecting systems | dust extraction systems | gas scrubbers | multi-cyclone collectors | wet dust extraction systems, mobile | sleeve filters | spray dryers
    GERMANY - Kemnath
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