connect rod ,bearing shell

connecting rod, connecting assembly, big end bearing, upper bearing shell


Connecting rod assembly is made up of big-end bearing shell (upper bearing inserts), small-end bearing shell (copper sleeve, lower bearing inserts), connecting rod bolt and connecting rod body. according to the relative motion between components being plane motion or spatial motion, it can be classified into plane connecting rod mechanism and spatial connecting rod mechanism.According to the number of components in the mechanism, it can be classified into four-rod mechanism,five-rod mechanism etc.. Normally,the connecting rod mechanism of five rods and over five rods is named as multi-rod mechanism. When the degree of the connecting rod is 1, it is named as single freedom connecting mechanism; When the degree of the freedom of connecting rod is greater than 1,it is named as multiple freedom connecting rod mechanism. According to the kinematic chain of the connecting rod mechanism being open chain or closed chain , it can be classified into open chain connecting rod mechanism

Gas and oil pipelines - installations
  • upper bearing shell
  • connecting rod
  • connecting rod body bolt
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