(1)Details: *3 meter headlock length : -4 adult cattle -5 Heifers -6 calf *6 meter headlock length : -8 adult cattle -10 Heifers -12 calf (2)Other details: *Column: 42*3mm galvanized round tube *Dynamic Rod: 42mm*2.75mm galvanized round tube *Horizontal rod: 50*50*2.5mm galvanized square pipe *Horizontal adjusting rod: 26mm*2.5mm galvanized round pipe *Neck clamp size: 193mm *Single headlock size:750mm

Poultry farming - machinery and equipment
  • hot dip galvanized cow free stall
  • Durable Cow Headlock / Cattle Headlock
  • Cow/Cattle headlock

Product features

Headlock length 3 meter,6 meter or customized
Used for Cow/Cattle
Column 42*3mm galvanized round tube
Dynamic Rod 42mm*2.75mm galvanized round tube
Horizontal Rod 50*50*2.5mm galvanized square pipe
Horizontal adjusting Rod 26mm*2.5mm galvanized round pipe
Neck clamp size 193mm
Single headlock size 750mm

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