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HGL dynamics Mosquito


The ideal introduction to the world of vibration measurement. With four analog input channels, the Mosquito offers the ability to detect a triaxial vibration sensor and a speed signal. Alternatively, a modal hammer could also be operated for a measurement with subsequent modal analysis. •,4 analog input channels (from +/-10uV to +/- 100V) •,1 digital input channel (0-5V CMOS) •,1 analog output with signal generator (DC, 0-100kHz sine, sweep) •,Up to 100kHz bandwidth synchronously sampled across all channels •,16/24 bit resolution with 110+dB signal-to-noise ratio •,Compact dimensions (40 x 90 x 170 mm) •,Freely scalable! From one device with 4 analog channels to multiple devices with any number of channels •,1x Ethernet interfaces, connection for external 12V power supply, LVDS port for synchronization of multiple devices, USB port, IRIG input

  • Measurement and control instruments
  • dynamic data acquisition
  • measuring systems
  • mobile measuring systems

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