easy drive® track timing belts can be made from the complete range of polyurethane and neoprene timing belts: in open lengths, endless welded, for form belts, endless Flex or wide timing belts, in almost any length and width. The directional guiding, with groove in tooth, is either already integrated in the timing belt during production or added later. These timing belts exhibit the same properties as standard timing belts. However, in addition, axial movement is prevented and the zero-play guiding leads to high directional stability. Advantages • Universal application instead of flanged pulleys or special toothed belt guides • Can be used with any tooth shape or belt pitch • Can be combined with any material – steel, aluminium, grey cast-iron or plastics • For polyurethane and also for neoprene timing belts • Maximum directional stability, without lateral play, inaccurate running or drift

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  • Polyurethane And Neoprene Timing Belt
  • Form Belts, Endless Flex Or Wide Timing Belt


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