A new product within an hour! Only a minor technical modification of a crown cork capping machine is needed to create a new product with a ring crown bottle cap. It takes up to 2 days to make the initial modifications of an existing crown capping turret. Thereafter the changeover from the crown cork bottle cap to a ring crown cap takes between 15 to 60 minutes depending on the crown cork machine. Finn-Korkki has been designing and manufacturing ring crown cap equipment since 1979. We supply customers with ring crown cap equipment, a supervised installation and operator training when necessary. A conversion includes a modification to the crown cap sealing head system, a ring crown cap applier, the bottle cap chute and a sorting hopper to orientate the ring crown cap. Our equipment using RingCrown Technology enables the same closing machine to use both crown corks and ring crown bottle caps. RingCrown Technology equipment operates at the same sealing speeds as a crown cork system,...


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