With fako® Polishing paste No.9311 a care product is available, which is specially developed for the properties of Plexiglas, other acrylic glass and plastics. Polishes deep scratches and scrapes. Matt surfaces become clear again, scratches and scrapes are removed. Unsightly panes become flawless again! The treatment process is quite simple. Clean dirty surfaces with clear lukewarm water and a clean, soft viscose sponge until adhering dirt is removed. Put some fako® Polishing paste No. 9311 with lint-free fako® special polishing cloth on the moistened surface and polish under pressure in circular movements until the surface is dry. Polish to a gloss with another dry fako® special polishing cloth until the residues are removed and the surface is dry and clear. When removing deep scratches, the polishing process may cause matt spots. In this case we recommend an after-treatment with fako® Polishing milk No.9322.

Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial
  • cleaning and polishing
  • Acrylic glass
  • care product for Plexiglas

Product features

Effect removes scratches and scrapes
Storage between 10° and 20°C
Minimum shelf life 24 months after production

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