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fako® sealing strip 3714 - Anti-corrosion flexible one-sided self-adhesive butyl sealing strip


Anti-corrosion flexible one-sided self-adhesive butyl sealing strip, made of highly elastic, synthetic rubber (butyl) of soft rubber-like texture. It adheres reliably without heating. The butyl sealing strip is driven apart by the contact pressure, but due to its elasticity and plastic properties it penetrates into the smallest joints and unevenness and thus provides an optimum sealing. It can be drawn out to wafer-thin films by hand. Even high contact pressure level is not able to destroy the film. Non-ageing, UV-resistant, watertight, non-shrink, tight towards water vapour, seawater resistant. A sealant between metal, wood, plastics, organic glass and silicate glass with and among each other. It seals rivet and screw joints, flanged and folded connections. Sealing between metals prevents galvanic /electrolytical corrosion. Does not corrode Plexiglas, metal, wood, oil- and synthetic resin paints and does not contain any corroding ingredients.

Product information

Thermal stability
-30°C up to + 80°C
up to -40°C
seawater resistance
seawater resistant