What is felt? What methods of felt cutting are possible? Felt is a nonwoven textile which can be produce of natural or synthetic fiber. Natural felt fiber is the animal wool and synthetic fibers are petroleum based acrylic rayon. Felt is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibers together. Felt is produced in different weights and colors. By our different types of felt options and cutting lines, we produce exact technical item of felt to meet your needs. As Tekno Kesim, we can cut the felt by laser, cnc, waterjet or die cut . Our production team decides the felt cutting method due to the weight of felt, to the measurement of cut pieces and to your order quantity. As we have mentioned above there are different types of fibers to produce felt. At our production we mostly use polyester, recycled, polypropylene or cotton felt for felt cutting. First criteria that identifies the type of felt is application area of the felt.

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