Novelis ff3 is pre-painted aluminum with a 3 mm thickness. This façade-cladding material gives architects and builders a wide range of sophisticated design possibilities. Thanks to the high mechanical strength of ff3, considerably wider spans compared with other alloys of the same material thickness are possible. This results in significant cost benefits when installing.

Aluminium coatings
  • facade cladding
  • coil-coating process
  • Pre-painted Aluminium
  • polyvinylidene fluoride

Product features

Alloy EN AW-5754 (AlMg3)
Temper H42 according to EN 1396
Available thickness in mm 3.0mm
Available sheet width in mm Up to 1500
Available sheet length in mm Up to 3000
Thickness of layer in µm Approx. 24, metallics 30, back side approx. 3
Permissible stress Ợperm= 96 MPa to DIN 4113
Elongation limit Rp 0,2 165 – 215 MPa
Tensile strength Rm 220 – 260 MPa
Linear expansion 0,024 mm/m/°K
Elasticity 70.000 MPa
Corrosion resistance Acc. to EN1396: 2007 : C.6.1.1/C.6.1.4
Protection film film XX µm removable up to 6 months after installation
Recyclability 100%

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