DP1 Doors are made of 0.9 galvanized steel, a door leaf thickness of about 62 mm, internal filling of non-combustible stone wool of high density and two gypsum boards . The door leaf is glued, which increases the rigidity of the structure. The door leaf is equipped with a rubber seal and two contours of a thermo-expanding tape 18x2 mm. A frame of a door from the galvanized steel with thickness of 1,5 mm, with filling stone wool. The door is equipped with self-closing hinges, that makes it unnecessary to install a door closer. Also equipped with anti-detachable pins. The door have lock and handle, made of stainless steel, cylinder: key-key or key-knob according to customer's request. The design of the door is by default a non-threshold, which makes it convenient to use it in rooms where wheeled loading devices work. For smokeproof door need add threshold, or falling threshold. EI-60 door make blind without possobility of glazes. The door is painted with polymer paint.

Doors, reinforced and fireproof - industrial
  • fire doors
  • Doors, reinforced and fireproof - industrial
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