Thread manufactured without seam > High tightness, long term stability Hexagon manufactured according to DIN Tube strain does not exceed 6% > Molecular structure of the flexible tube is preserved Thread manufactured according to DIN, USAS or JIS > Various connection options Connecting sleeve manufactured without seam > High tightness, long term stability Connector available in PA, PP, PVDF > High media resistance The connection principle used in Series 1A entails pushing the flexible tube onto an integrated connecting sleeve. The flexible tube is secured in place by a clamping ring, which is forced against the flexible tube by a knurled nut. The connecting sleeve for the flexible tube is nearly cylindrical. Its dimensions are calculated to prevent tube strain of more than 6% even with poor tolerances. The tension produced by the low tube strain is sufficient, however, to guarantee a tight tube connection up to 6 bar. Clamping ring and knurled nut secure the connection against longitudinal forces which could otherwise pull the flexible tube off the sleeve. The clamping ring is also designed to secure the flexible tube in place by intercepting any shear or torsional stresses. This ensures the utilization up to 10 bar*. Thanks to its elasticity, the clamping ring can be used several times in the same connector.

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