Thread manufactured without seam > High tightness, long term stability Hexagon manufactured according to DIN Sealed by PTFE sealing ring > Maximum media resistance Connector available in PA, PP, PVDF, PFA > High media resistance Thread manufactured according to DIN, USAS or JIS > Various connection options Connecting sleeve manufactured without seam > High tightness, long term stability Cutting ring made of PEEK > Optimum guard against pull-off forces The connection principle used in the Series 1C entails pushing the firm flexible tube or the plastic pipe onto an integrated connecting sleeve and using a sealing ring to produce a tight fit. The tube is secured in place by a cutting ring, which is forced against the tube by a knurled nut. The more the knurled nut is screwed onto the connector body, the more the cutting ring wedges the flexible tube or pipe. Screwing on the knurled nut causes a shear force to act via the cutting ring, which intensifies the contact pressure. The result is a tight, friction-locked connection which can be released at any time and minimises the dead volume.

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