Connector available in PP, natural PP and PVDF => high media resistance Thread manufactured without seam => High tightness, long term stability Thread manufactured according to DIN, USAS or JIS => Various connection options Connection can be released at any time Pressure ring for the use of flexible tubes => optimal protection against being pulled off => extreme thightness Compact design, SW 10, from DN 1/16" / 1/8" on The Series 1M micro connectors were developed especially for use in medical, pharmaceutical and analytical system applications. They provide ideal connection features for PFA-, Silicone- or Tygon®-tubes. The micro connectors comprise a connector body with integrated conical connecting sleeve, a knurled nut for fixing the flexible tube and a slotted pressure ring. The pressure ring is not required for PFA flexible tubes. The connection is absolutely safe and leak-proof but can be undone at any time. The Series 1M micro connectors are available in HP quality on request.

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