Electrical fine control valve 5E113F => precise and reproducible adjustments using the electrical actuatop, => highly accurate control due to linear flow rate characteristic µ-processor-regulated control unit with percentage indication of opening Series 4A or 4L flowmeters with measurement acqisition for individual measuring ranges There are applications in which it is imperative to maintain constant flow rates. Effects such as pressure or temperature fluctuations, as well as density or viscosity changes in the medium can change flow rates and as a result cause problems in processes. Particularly on the use of aggressive gaseous media or in applications in an aggressive environment it was very difficult in the past to ensure constant flow rates. With the newly developed intelligent control unit, errors can now also be detected automatically under difficult conditions and reliably regulated. The control unit FC4 comprises several components: the flow meter, a photoelectric switch, a precision metering valve with electrical actuator and the digital three-point controller with microprocessor. During the development of the new control unit, only fittings and components with high media resistance and that are highly suitable for use with aggressive media were used. Application-specific requirements can be taken into account; integrated fittings made of various high quality plastics are available depending on the application. As a result the control unit is optimally suited for applications with aggressive gaseous media.

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