What is Custom Cut foam Process? Foam rubber (also known as cellular or expanded rubber / sponge foam) is a solution for a range of applications, from automobile seats and furniture to insulation in buildings and freezers and tool, hardware and packing industries. That’s why we can provide custom cut foam which could be EVA, XPE, PE, or high density rebonded foam according to costumer spec. In addition we can support as CNC, Waterjet, die cut cutting foam with 3d design. First of all, sector knowledge is required. Based on our experience, many times the definition of foamis wrongly known .As Tekno Kesim, our first priority is to cut the right foamcorrectly. In doing so, we would like to take advantage of all marketing activities. If we are going to mold in the first place, we have to do the design right. we need to know your costumer for cutting foam process. You just need to send us a brief description of the foam sample, shape, where you want to cut it.

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