Germ-free sterilisable materials such as PVDF and PFA Locking clip made of stainless steel or plastic - with V-profile for uniform contact pressure Size, diameter and clip in accordance with DIN 32676, ISO 2852, BS 4825 Depending on the medium, various sealing rings are available made of EPDM, FPM, PTFE, FFKM Many possibilities for connecting tubes and plastic pipes In applications requiring absolute cleanliness and reliability, such as in the pharmaceuticals industry, our sterilisable Tri-Clamp threaded connectors are essential. The Tri-Clamp connector can be combined on the other side with various connector types such as tube connections 1A/1C, 1B, pipe connections 2N, Luer-Lock connections 3L, barbs 3T or male threads. Hence, these are versatile connectors that can also be mounted to any existing fittings with Tri-Clamp connection. The Tri-Clamp connector is easy to use. Simply press the two flange-like connector pieces against each other and fasten them together using the locking clip. A sealing ring is situated between the connector pieces to maintain a proper seal. The resulting connection is form-fit and smooth and a wing nut on the locking clip makes it easy to quickly open and close the connection at any time.

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