Various measurement ranges The diaphragm, made of PTFE-TFM 1700, separates the manometer from the medium and protects against corrosion Large diaphragm surface => precise measurement results All parts in contact with media made of PP, PVDF or PTFE => for aggressive media Versatile connection possibilities Especially for measuring pressure in neutral and aggressive media we have developed the diaphragm pressure gauge with manometer. To protect the manometer from the corrosive affects of the medium, a diaphragm made of PTFE-TFM 1700 hermetically seals the manometer from the medium. The pressure is measured through a buffer fluid that transfers the pressure onto the measuring chamber of the manometer. The large surface of the diaphragm ensures high-precision measurement results. Since all parts in contact with the media are made of plastics with high media-resistance such as PP, PVDF and PTFE, our diaphragm pressure gauges are also especially well suited for aggressive media.

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