Connectable to existing fittings with DIN 8063 male threads Inlay component and connector, single piece => Highly leak-proof => no wear and tear Available in various materials: PP, PP-natural, PVDF, PFA, PTFE => High media resistance Various types of connections possible for: pipes and tubes in various sizes Our Series 3E connectors can be directly fastened to existing fittings with DIN 8063 male threads and are immediately ready for use with both flexible and rigid tubes. The special design of our Series 3E range integrates many features in a single product that would otherwise have to be tediously welded together from various components. The inlay component – manufactured from a single piece – contains an integrated thread connector. This saves not only time and work, it helps to ensure that the connector is leak-proof and thus safe to use. To allow for a range of threaded connectors, the hexagonal nut is available in typical sizes from G 3/4" to G 1 1/2". These can be combined with various tube and pipe connectors as well as with G or NPT male threads in various sizes and materials.

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