Luer-Lock thread seamless according to DIN EN 20594-1 (ISO 594) Flexible application: various connecting types for flexible tubes and pipes, Tri-Clamp connections, G-, NPT- or UNF-threads Adaptor made of PP, natural PP, PVDF or PFA => high media resistance PVDF and PFA can be treated by autoclave => absolute sterile PVDF and PFA comply with the guidelines from FDA and USP class VI. PVDF additionally has the KTW approval and can be sterilized with g-rays without losing its mechanical qualities. Up to 150° it is non-toxic and since it has a similar property to glass it is a no-culture medium for microorganisms. The connection principle used in Series 3L entails using a Luer-Lock thread according to DIN EN 20594-1 (ISO 594), male of female on the one hand and a Series 1A flexible tube connection, a Series 2M pipe connection or a male G- or UNF-thread on the other hand. The tube can thus be connected, e.g., to the most commonly used disposable laboratory filters.

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