Various connection principles for flexible tube and pipe connections Available in PP, natural PP, PVDF and PFA => High media resistance Welding union in accordance with DIN Welding adaptors are used in all situations where fixed connections are required, for example in the case of mid-process transfer from pipes to flexible tubes or pipe ends. They are absolutely tight and are the ideal solution in production engineering. They are equally suitable for use in edge-to-edge and socket welding processes, thereby providing the user with a considerable level of installation flexibility. Connection options are almost unlimited. All parts are available in the wellknown material variety: PP, natural PP, PVDF and PFA. The welding adaptors are available in clean-room quality (ISO class 5) especially for the semiconductor industry and related sectors. The standard programme is expanded by a wide range of reducers thus providing additional solutions for machine engineering. If there is still another connection piece you require, it might be found in our very wide range of accessories.

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