The gearheads of the new RD_-C series have a hollow shaft for routing cables, hoses and lines. An extremely compact and efficient, state- of-the-art RV-C gearbox is concealed in the interior. RD_-C gearheads offer three mounting options and have many different areas of use.

Product features

Applications Robotics, Welding, Handling, Machine tool building, other
Design type gearheads
Drive shaft hollow shaft
Drive coaxial
Operating mode switching operation, continuous operation
Standard ratio 253
Rated torque (Nm) 3136
Allowable acc. / dec. torque (Nm) 7840
Emergency stop torque (Nm) 15680
Max. speed switching operation (rpm) 25
Max. speed continuous operation (rpm) 25
Hysteresis loss (arcmin) 1.0
Torsional rigidity (Nm/arcmin) 1960
Moment rigidity (Nm/arcmin) 12740
Allowable moment (Nm) 20580
Axial load (N) 29400


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