Highlights cost effective fabric in many different colours (7 colours) very high adhesive strength, yet removable very flexible; can be written on, good ageing properties can be applied to many substrates Description These coloured marking dots find uses everywhere. The 12mm dia size is available in rolls of 6,000 pieces (3 offset columns) and can easily be accommodated in an office drawer, in the QA department or carried by an operative. The 25mm dia size is supplied with 5,000 pieces on a roll (2 offset columns). This simple and effective product provides cost savings by allowing visual allocations to projects, differentiations between good and rejected items and confirmation of commissioned objects. Annual or more frequent stock takes benefit from these coloured marking dots Conclusion A possible alternative to Special Fabric 87-60157 in the 25mm Dia. Adhesive dots find uses everywhere: from A for acceptance to Z for zillions of applications.

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