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heatMIXcontrol - spare part

Control units


Separate control unit heatMIXcontrol for operation of STIRRING DRYBATH and STIRRING HOTPLATE. Long-term protection of the electronics against aggressive liquids and gases as well as thermal influences, independent and adjustable over-temperature limiter for the additional protection of the heating controller against technical defects or unintended operation errors, stainless steel housing, compact and space-saving, connection for external Pt100 sensor, RS232 interface.

Laboratory equipment and instruments
  • control unit
  • Separate control unit heatMIXcontrol
  • Stirring drybath and hotplate control unit
  • mixWATCH stirring bar
  • space saving

Product features

Speed range 100 - 2,000 rpm
Stirring power (max.) 40 W
Power setting 10 - 100% (10-step)
Temperature range + 40 °C up to +200 °C
Material housing Stainless steel
Permitted operation conditions 0 up to +40 °C (at 80% humidity)
Electrical data 230-240 V / 50-60 Hz / 5 A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 225 x 171 x 48 mm
Protection category IP20
Weight (gross) approx. 2.2 kg

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