hho hydrogen generator uses water as medium to electrolyze water into H2 and O2 as flame source replacing propane,acetylene etc.It is very safe,no leakage and explosion as it don't need gas cylinder.

Welding, soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies
  • hho hydrogen welder
  • hho hydrogen generator
  • oxyhydrogen welder

Product features

Model Number OH800
AC Voltage 220V
Phase single
Power consumption 2.5KW
Max Gas Output 800L/h(adjustable)
Max. working pressure 2kg/cm2
Max. Water Consumption 0.43L/h
Water Feed auto
Dimension-L*W*H 540*500*670mm
Gross weight 70kg
Ventilation Space Requirement 200mm in each direction
Usage oxyhydrogen flame welding and brazing
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