Oxyhydrogen generator produce hho gas using some water and electricity.Oxyhydrogen wide applications include welding,sealing,acrylic polishing etc replacing the use of LPG or other natural gas etc.

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  • oxyhydrogen generator
  • oxyhydrogen welding machine
  • hho generator welding

Product features

Model Number OH200
AC Voltage Requirement(V) 220/110
Phase single
Power Consumption(kw/h) 0.7
Max. Gas Output(L/h) 200
Max. Working Pressure(kg/cm2) 2
Max. Water Consumption(L/h) 0.11
Water Feed manual
Flame Modifier Feed manual
Dimensions-L*W*H (mm) 450*250*510
Gross Weight(kg) 20
Ventilation Space Requirement(mm) 200 in each direction
Usage flame welding and brazing, sealing,polishing

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how to install and use small portable oxyhydrogen generators
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