Small but powerful: This robust compact weighing terminal stands out in many areas whether it is checking, order picking, packaging, dispatch, documenting or stocktaking The versatile weighing terminal iS10 fulfills numerous tasks in a simple, fast and economical manner. A top performer for most company areas: In goods receiving and production, during quality assurance in the warehouse as well as in packaging and shipping. Integrated with applications for weighing and counting processes as well as tolerance control, this compact device supports your workflows in an effective and efficient manner.

Weight and mass - measurement and regulation instruments
  • industrial scales
  • compact weighing terminal
  • iS10

Product features

Housing Stainless steel 1.4301
Dimensions 266 mm x 84 mm x 173 mm (W x H x D)
Auxiliary power Power supply 110 - 240 V; connection to mains cable with shock-proof plug
Protection type IP65 and IP69 Control cabinet installation version: IP65
Ambient temperature -10 °C to +40 °C Storage / transport: -20 °C to +60 °C
Display Backlit 7-digital seven-segment LCD display with status symbols; digit height 20 mm, bargraph
Membrane keyboard Tare Delete tare Zero setting Recording key with addition 2 function keys to start applications Stan
Standard interface Service interface RS232
Application programs Counting Toggling weight/unit Tolerance control with bargraph display Totaling Gross, tare, net and
Units/ weight value Display of weight value in kg, lb or oz
Memory 1 storage slots for set points, tolerance limits, and tares
EC type-approval NAWI (non-automatic, electro-mechanical weighing instrument); 1 kg - 120,000 kg, accuracy class III,

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