indoor Area Led Screen TN-PRO-IF Series

Full HD - 4K Conference room Biggest Led Display


General Features Poster Series LED Signage that delivers truly captivating content in any indoor environment. Advanced High Brightness Black technology, Advanced High Refresh Rate, Fast installation of panel to Light Frame, Just Signal person to install/uninstall, savin labor cost Die-Casting Magnesim frame design. All Front Services Light Weight Faster Cooling Advenced and safety Lock Nova Star Controller indoor Space Black ​​ Mechanical / assembly features: ​ No noise, lower power consumption, good heat dissipation. Hot swapping of the back panel to replace PSU & electronics Fly bar for both hanging and ground stacking Corner protection for safe transport in case ​ Components/Electronic features: ​ Premium components​ Black mask for superior contrast and rentability Standart - Pro 16 Bit / Plus 18 bit+ greyscale (4x high than market average) Rotation function enabled IP powerCon in/out IP dataCon in/out CE, EMC, LVD approved

Video-conference and televideo services
  • audio - video - lightning
  • screen
  • equipment for meeting-rooms

Product features

Weight Per Panel 7kg.
Refresh Rate 3840Hz
FULL HD / 4K / 8K Possible

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