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ipCELLCULTURE™ Track-Etched Membrane Filters

Polycarbonate (PC) - Polyester (PET)


Treated by means of a proprietary surface treatments to promote growth and differentiation for a wide variety of cell lines, as well as an exceptional cellular adhesion. Available in a highly transparent mode with a smooth glass-like surface, they are ideally suitable as support for cell culture and for visualisation of live cells by light. • Fully manufactured in-house from high quality polycarbonate film. • Manufactured (ISO5) and converted (ISO7) in clean room environment. • Convenient and precise labelling with lot number ensuring full product traceability. • Consistent pore size for accurate separation of samples by size. • Flat and smooth surface for an easy sample analysis. • Low extractable, low protein binding, negligible adsorption and absorption. • Biocompatibility, excellent chemical resistance and thermal stability. • Supplied with a Certificate of Quality. • ISO 9001 certification.

Screen filters
  • track etched membrane filters
  • support as cell culture
  • transparent filters

Product features

Material (option 1) Polycarbonate (PC)
Material (option 2) Polyester (PET)
Surface property (option 1) Cell culture treated
Surface property (option 2) PVP treated
Surface property (option 3) PVP free
Choice of pore size From 0.01 µm to 30 µm
Color (option 1) Transparent membrane (low porosity)
Color (option 2) Translucent membrane (standard porosity)
Max. operating temperature for PC and PET 140 °C (284 °F)

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