low cost and low wear

iglidur® J4


25 dimensions - ex stock iglidur® Plain bearing - Product overview New as standard range: iglidur® J4 is the new low-cost material for long lifetimes for low to medium loads. Zero lubrication, zero maintenance Low-cost-material for large volumes Low coefficients of friction Media resistant Lowest humidity absorption Bearings made of iglidur® J4 in a satellite receiving unit material data: iglidur® J4 Density 1,48 g/cm 3 Colour Gray Max. moisture absorption at 23°C and 50% r.h.: 0,3 weight-% Max. water absorption 1,3 weight-% Upper long-term application temperature 90°C Upper short-term application temperature 120°C Lower application temperature -50°C Bending E-module 2.350 MPa Max. surface pressure 35 MPa Surface resistance >10 12Ω 25 dimensions - ex stock

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