The LIFTPLAQ® is an handling tool allowing the handling of street manhole covers and plugs, designed for professionals of dry and wet networks. This system, allowing street manhole covers to be moved without touching them and thus reducing the hardship by three. The LIFTPLAQ® consists of a mechanical assembly. It is fitted with a powerful magnetic device allowing a firm prehension and manipulation of the covers. Numerous advantages... liftplaqliftplaq Ergonomics : straight back and legs bent Security : no hand/cover contact Versatility : usable on all types of covers and plugs Mobility : easy to move Handling : reduces exertions by three Storing : little space required Grants from French occupational health and safety organiszations The basic kit consist The body of the tool The shaft with two handles and pointed chisel A brass anti-deflagration wheel balancer An articulated arm with strong magnet and curbed pin An handle for unlocking the magnet

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