Capacity 1000 Lt/h, Made of AISI 304 Quality Stainless Steel. HOT WATER SYSTEM: Closed system circulation, AISI 304 Quality Stainless Steel Covering Body, Plated Heat Exchanger is one stage. Plates are AISI 316 Stainless Steel, circulation pump is centrifugal type, Expansion Tube, Air purger, Monometer, Water regulator (it stabilizes the water pressure to the same value), and AISI 304 installation equipments are included. CONTROL BOARD: PLC Control, Full Automatic and control system. AISI 304 Quality Stainless Steel Panel, PT 100 Heating sensor exists. STEAM VALVE: Proportional Control Valve STEAM TRAP : Float Valve PLATED HEAT EXCHANGER: AISI 304 Quality Stainless Steel covered body, AISI 316 Quality Stainless Steel Plates, 5000 Lt / h Capacity, 5 stages, product inlet temperature +4 C, pasteurization degree 90 C, product outlet temperature +4/+85 C, Cream Seperator and Homogenizer outler exist. Pasteurizer has self-cooling unit.

Food Industry - Machines & Equipment
  • pasteurizers for the dairy industry
  • pasteurisation
  • pasteurisers


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