mobilCASE is a mobile control enclosure, which is absolutely variable in length thanks to its profile construction. The three widths offer scope for every imaginable application. Robust end caps made from die cast aluminium protect the enclosure and internal mountings in mobile field applications. Shoulder straps make transport easier. A practical stand aids in its use on a tabletop. Two enclosures can also be combined together by means of an adapter. An articulated bracket allows it to be used as a wall or desk enclosure. Accumulator holder for 2 or 4 AA batteries provides mobile power supply. The recessed front surface is optimised to accommodate membrane keypads or displays. A versatile profile enclosure with a whole host of possibilities. Weatherproof and watertight. Numerous accessories complete the mobilCASE range.

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AL Mg Si 0,5 / DIN 17615 Aluminium

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