It is possible to directly integrate commercially available built-in panels in the front of the »multiPANEL KOMMANDO« enclosure. A small recess in the framework enables almost flush integration of the PC here. Furthermore, front plates can be inset in the frame from the front or rear, and fastened in place with clamping pieces. The combination of direct panel installation and a part front plate is also possible.With the flat multiPANEL 70 version, the rear wall is optionally available as a flush rear wall, which can be supplied with hinges and a lock or as a bolted version where required. A robust, 15mm deep, framed door including lock and internal hinges offers a greater installation depth. This results a multiPANEL enclosure depth of 85mm. Furthermore, a 60mm deep framed door version is also available for an even greater enclosure depth, which is also equipped with a lock and internal hinges. The total depth with this version is 130mm.

Metal joinery, wrought-iron - machinery and equipment
  • Command enclosure
  • HMI enclosure

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Extruded aluminium Aluminium

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