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If you’re looking for an allinone development technology, dedicated .NET developers might be exactly what you need. Check out the benefits of .NET development and learn why you’ll like it even more when you decide to work with Code & Pepper! Created by Microsoft, .NET (or Dot NET) is a suite of opensource tools for developing web, mobile and many other types of applications from A to Z. It incorporates programming languages, editors, libraries, and frameworks. Applications operating in .NET can be written in three programming languages C#, F#, and Visual Basic. Moreover, the .NET platform is extended with additional tools, such as ASP.NET an opensource framework for building web apps and services. When it comes to developing software for financial services, security is one of the main concerns, making .NET a natural choice. It’s backed by the authority of one of the tech giants, is constantly updated and equipped with a set of advanced security features.

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