nonferrous metal separator machine

Copper Separating Machine for metal scrap
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Material: aluminum Strong adaptability Reliable mechanical structure Strong repulsion (adjustable) High efficiency in separation Applications: Electronic waste disposal (refrigerator dismantling lines) Separation of aluminum cans and ferrous metals Separates nonferrous metals from the bottom ash of boiler Separates aluminum or copper block from the sections of abandoned cars Separates nonferrous metals from the glass scrap Separates nonferrous metal impurities in some production lines (such as plastic recycling production line) Separates nonferrous metals from recycled plastic doors and windows metal separator is mainly used to recycle copper, aluminum and other nonferrous metals from industrial waste and solid waste Widely used in Eco-friendly industries, like waste classifications, waste electrical and electronic equipment recycle and the treatment of non-ferrous metal industrial materials High quality, competitive price, best services

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361000 Xiamen - China