Paper in the main basket part – other trash in the smaller compartments. Separate collection of paper, organic waste and used office material strikes the right note today. oecoline wastebaskets highly contribute to this by reinforcing everyone’s environmental consciousness. For example, already two thirds of daily office waste is recyclable paper. oecoline wastebaskets need amazing little room and fit – from the hall until the executive suite – in every office.Material, shape and colour harmonize with each other and make an aesthetic attractive unit. Matching trash bags made of polyethylene are available for the half-round 2,5 l-bins and are particularly convenient for dirty scraps (for example organic waste). They ensure cleanliness and save cleaning costs.

Dustbins, waste bins
  • "oecoline" Wertstoff
  • wastebasket
  • bin
  • waste separation

Product features

Convincing functionality Paper in the main basket part – other trash in the smaller compartments
Slim but large capacity
Convenient and hygienic Matching trash bags


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