oecostep S - THE NEW ONE : collection bins

Easy to carry and clean


Oecostep collecting stations become indispensable elements in all areas using different bins for waste and recyclable materials: hospitals, clinics, medical centers, administration and headquarter facilities, senior and nursing homes, laboratories, washing rooms and lavatories, cafeterias, catering, hotels, food industry – oecostep collecting stations show their efficiency in action everywhere. Mobile or fixed, the step bins help to reduce cleaning costs and to make working procedures easier. Trolleys - dedicated to oecostep collection bins - are available. This ensures a simple, clean and hygienic disposal!

Dustbins, waste bins
  • bins
  • separate waste collection
  • waste and recyclables collection systems

Product features

clean and hygienic with foot pedal and silent close flap
waste separation Adhesive labels with text and coloured icons are available

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