Hello. I am selling a regenerated oil pump to the brand cars VW / AUDI / SEAT / SKODA with 2.0 TD engine. Numbers of defective VW engines that may have a problem: BRE, BRF. BVG, BNA, BPJ ALT, BHW, BMA, BKP, BMP, BLX, BVX, BLY, BVZ, BLR, BVY, AXX, BWA, BPY One of the main disadvantages of 2.0 TDI engines is the unstable drive of the oil pump with balancing shafts. As a result of its wear, the engine loses lubrication and seizes up. To avoid the cost of replacing the whole unit, it is worth to fix defective parts and get it over with for years. The oil pump shafts are altered to fit the original VW driver, 10cm long. Because shafts are very hard, it increases their efficiency even up to several hundred thousand kilometres. WE DO NOT MAKE THE SHAFT SOCKET BIGGER BECAUSE THE SHAFT IS SUPERFICIALLY HARDENED, and wider drivers break! WE DO NOT USE HEXAGONAL CAPS. WE DO NOT WELD OR THREAD.

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