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The openPOWERLINK protocol stack is available as a generic source code version that allows for an easy porting to various target and operating systems. The software provides all mandatory functions of the Ethernet POWERLINK specification version 2.0 as well as various optional functionalities. With the source code comes also an insert-ready kernel module and application code to run the stack directly under Linux on reference systems provided by SYS TEC. This provides a good entry point for a quick and easy start of your own development. Our openPOWERLINK implementation has gone through extensive testing procedures with other POWERLINK devices of various suppliers, to ensure a stable platform and a high degree of interoperability. The protocol stack software is organized and implemented in functional modules, providing a best flexibility and scalability, yet keeping the focus on serving the timing requirements. All hardware specific and time critical functionality of the openPOWERL

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  openPOWERLINK BASIC Support With our "BASIC Support" for the openPOWERLINK Protocol Stack, w 3 months
  openPOWERLINK PREMIUM Support The "PREMIUM Support" for the openPOWERLINK Protocol Stack off 1 year

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