pig/sow test pregnancy test strip(paper)by urine,milk, blood

pig/sow test pregnancy test strip

1.80$ TTC
(1)1-1000 pcs : US $ 1.80 (2)Above 25000 pcs: US $0.90


(1)Parameters: *Commodity:pig/sow progesterone colloidal gold test strip *Expiry date:24 months/2 years *Package:1 strip /1 inner bag,40 bags/1 outter bag *Pregnancy time: 12-30 days *Storage:keep in room temperature and avoid direct sunlight (2)Two types : The cassette and dip strip sow Pregnancy Test (3)The sensitivity:The minimum detectable amount: 5-8ng/ml; accuracy rating>90%; Precision>90% ,if you think the sensitivity can not meet your needs, you can tell me your needing sensitivity,we can make for you. (4)Test way: by urine,milk and blood (5)Features:Sensitivity; Accuracy rate; Precision

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