Thread manufactured without seam according to DIN, USAS or JIS => Various connection options Connector available in PP, PVDF, PFA, PTFE => High media resistance Sealed by PTFE sealing ring => Maximum media resistance Secure connection by cutting ring principle => Suitable for rigid pipes Hexagon manufactured according to DIN No reduction of cross-section => Full flow rate The connection principle used in the Series 2N entails pushing the pipe against the inner edge of the connector and sealing it with a sealing ring. The pipe is secured in place by a cutting ring, which is forced against the pipe by a nut. The more the nut is screwed on the connector body, the more the slotted ring wedges the pipe. The result is a tight, friction-locked connection which can be released at any time. The design concept eliminates the dead volume. It also has no effect on the flow because the inside diameter is identical to that of the pipe.

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