portable veterinary ultrasound scanner for pig/sheep/goat

pig/sheep/goat pregnant portable veterinary ultrasound scanner

1500.00$ TTC
Ordering quantity is up to 5 pcs,can be 5% discount


(1)Main Parameters: -Screen: 5.6 inches -Display mode: B -Scan: Sector Scan -Probe: 3.5MHz/7MHz optional -Scan Depth:95-185mm -Gain: 30dB-105dB -Image Store: 8GB (SD Card) -Gray Scale:256 -Battery last: 8 hours -Size: 210mmX120mmX40mm -Weight: 1.2kg with battery -Probe Connector: 1 Standard Configuration: -Main Host 1 Unit -3.5MHz Mechanical Sector Selectable 1 Pcs -Internal Battery and charger 1 Set -SD card (2)Certificate:CE (3)Quality warranty:Main machine:2 year +Probe:1 year (non-human damage within 30 days,free to change new scanner,including free freight cost)

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