***Basic Conditions of Production & Trade of SMALL GARDEN CABINS & BATH-HOUSES OF PROFILED DRY TIMBER (PREFABRICATED HOUSING KITS) by Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH, Moscow Russia, Mr.Svyat Sytin ::(complementary maintenance for a firm’s Merchandising Documentary Package in its objective Retail Marketing Advertizing Distribution):: ***retail price offered per DESING PROJECT of 28-45-70mm in pine/spruce lumber available ***MiNIMUM shipment volume in single 40ft FCL/full container load per 42 CUB.MTR of order or more when in case of retail/bulk trade Commercial Formula of a complete product unit value determination (of a complete prefab house kit –with strengthened structures of roof & floor & with joinery woodworks//of a zero prefab house kit –without strengthened structures & without joinery woodworks) = net price for a section size of the profiled dry timber of wall prefab house set of 28mm & 45mm or 70mm + adding price for strengthened set of roof & floor structures, also cost of joinery

Prefabricated houses
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