The complexity of hydraulic systems is continually increasing. As a result, the purity of the installed components is becoming more and more significant. This applies not only to pumps and valves, but also to the pressure lines that connect them. The ptcsystem® is easy to handle. It provides effective protection against initial damage and premature component wear. Compressed air at a pressure of 6-8 bar is used to route a cleaning projectile through the lines needing to be cleaned. The cleaning of complex bending geometries is possible. The chrome-plated launcher made of high-strength aluminium is an extremely durable tool, even under the toughest working conditions. Using a balancer, it can be hung up such that it is always ready to hand. With its ergonomically designed handle and rotatable compressed air connection, the ptcsystem® launcher is also suitable for cleaning small product series.

Cleaning, industrial
  • Internal Tube cleaning
  • Cleaning hydraulic tubes
  • Internal hose cleaning

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