Export quality king size double bed bed-sheet with two pillow covers *100% Cotton Product *Imported *100Percent Cotton fabric, screen printed *Size: approx. (90 x 108 inches) *Washing: dry clean or machine wash cold. Please do not tumble dry. This can be used as a tapestry, bedspread, bade cover, table cloth, beach sheet or even as a throw. It adds a lot of color in any given room and spreads a very positive and joyous vibe. It's an art piece, a collector's item and provides a rich and vibrant feel. It's made of 100percent cotton. The process isn't hazardous to anyone who works in making this and thus it is very sustainable. The imperfections in this piece such as size variation, color variation and a little miss print give it a very authentic look and feel and portray its true handmade nature.

Bed linen

Product features

1.2 kg per piece
5000 per month
minimum order quantity 50 pcs. of same colour & design

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