pvc-windows gealan s7000-iq-plus



PROFILE SYSTEM S 7000 IQ PLUS Extremelyversatile BENEFITS OF S 7000 IQ PLUS One of the big benefits of the S 7000 IQ plus system is its versatility. Intelligent profile technologies with the same rebate depth mean that the frames and sashes in the GEALAN S 7000 IQ plus (installation depth of 82.5 mm) and S 7000 IQ (installation depth of 74 mm) systems can be freely combined with one another. Numerous accessory profiles enable all window designs to be realised in accordance with the customer’s taste. GREATER HEAT INSULATION The new S 7000 IQ plus system is the answer to the central demand for greater heat insulation of buildings. That is why it has been designed with an installation depth of 82.5 mm and six chambers. It delivers outstanding heat insulating performance in combination with triple functional glazing with a thickness of 54 mm. The U f value of 1.0 W/(m²K) offered by the S 7000 IQ plus system when using a standard steel stiffening element places the system in the...

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