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SIMPLY MORE LIGHT The S9000 LUMAXX system features extremely narrow window frames that provide up to 25% more glazing area and better light access. At the same time, it balances the proportions between thermal insulation properties, window statics and fitting fittings. UP TO 25% INCREASED GLASS PARTICIPATION The key aspect of modern architecture are large-area window elements, whose task is to illuminate the rooms and create the impression of space. Thanks to the S9000 LUMAXX system in mounted windows, you can achieve the effect of extremely narrow window frames, and consequently have up to 25% more glazing area and better access to light. VISIBLE WINDOW FRAMES Here are the results of a direct comparison: The new S9000 LUMAXX system has clearly narrower dimensions than previous profile combinations. Previous constructions with movable pillars often took up to 170mm wide or more. These massive assemblies with a wide bar disturbed the window’s shape and significantly limited the...

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